Aluminum composite panel

Detailed information

Advantage of HM aluminum composite plates:
1, excellent weather resistance and uv resistance, color is very durable and stable, can maintain 20 years of color; 
2. Excellent acid and alkaline resistance, able to withstand the harsh environment;
3. Good adhesion, high toughness, strong impact resistance, bright and clean coating, strong pollution resistance, easy to clean;
4. Wide color range, bright and beautiful, good texture.There are monochrome paint, metal paint, can meet the limits of customer requirements.


HM aluminum composite panel specification:
Standard size : 1/2/3/4/5/6 mm thickness * 1220/1500mm(width) * 2440mm(length)
Special size:customized
Usual color: RAL colors
Special color:customized

1.wall curtain
2.repaired building
3.Dado、separation wall
4.Advertising plate、show plate form

HM aluminum composite panel production process:
Continuous hot-paste composite line is the key equipment for forming aluminum-plastic composite board. Its function is to make aluminum, PE core material and polymer film firmly bond under the action of continuous high heat and high pressure to form a flat plate surface.HM aluminum selects imported polymer film, according to advanced equipment, perfect process, strict control, so that the aluminum-plastic composite board with super peeling degree, has exceeded the international famous brand index.


1. Plastic extrusion →2. Plastic sheet forming →3. Adhesive polymer film →4. Composite aluminum coil →5. Hot composite →6. Water roller cooling →7. Fan cooling →8

9. Quality inspection →10. Shearing →11.The finished product

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