Aluminum honeycomb panel

HM Aluminum honeycomb plate is suitable for civil construction, vehicle and ship decoration, etc. It is the application of aviation and aerospace materials in the field of civil construction.

Detailed description

HM aluminum honeycomb plate is made of high quality Aluminum as the panel and bottom plate, adding two-component glue, and the center is aluminum hexagonal honeycomb, vacuum composite. Products are: exterior wall fluorocarbon aluminum honeycomb panel, interior aluminum honeycomb panel, stone aluminum honeycomb panel, punching aluminum honeycomb, flocking sound-absorbing aluminum honeycomb panel, vehicle and ship box aluminum honeycomb panel, etc.
Aluminum honeycomb panel has low density (about 3-7 kg per square meter), which is 1 / 5 of the weight of the wood with the same thickness and area, 1 / 6 of the glass and 1 / 7 of the aluminum material, which greatly reduces the building load and cost. Due to the large amount of air in the middle interlayer, aluminum honeycomb panel can be sound insulation (air sound insulation can reach 30dB), heat insulation (thermal resistance can reach 0.02 (M2 · K / W)), no combustible materials, fire protection grade reaches A2, waterproof, waterproof, and so on Moisture proof, no harmful gas release, high specific strength per unit mass, high specific stiffness (structural stiffness is 1.7 times of rib type), not easy to deform, has extremely high flatness, good seismic performance, completely overcomes the defects of deformation and middle collapse of other decorative panels when the single area is large. And convenient processing and application, can be arbitrary cutting edge, surface can be used in a variety of colors, including fluorocarbon coating can guarantee product life in more than 30 years, and has the advantages of compression resistance, heavy load, light weight, 100% recycling.
aluminum honeycomb panel is used in aerospace, vehicle and ship, curtain wall decoration, wall panel decoration, ceiling decoration, elevated floor, elevator, toilet partition, kitchen and bathroom panel, furniture panel and other high strength and light weight decorative plate industry.

HM aluminum honeycomb panel Product advantage

(1) Fireproof: aluminum plate is non combustible material.
(2) Corrosion resistance: the surface of aluminum honeycomb panel is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon, which has strong corrosion resistance. There is no pinhole, crack and blister in salt spray for 48 hours.
(3) Environmental protection: honeycomb plate is a pure aluminum product, which does not volatilize any harmful gas to human body, has no radioactivity and can be completely recycled. It is a 100% environmental protection product.
(4) The aluminum honeycomb plate is easy to be disassembled and assembled without damaging the plate. Because of its light weight and convenient transportation, it can be transported to different places for repeated use. This is something else
Partition board can not be compared with it.



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