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1、 Consulting services
achieving the best results required by architects and owners The consulting services we provide include: consulting service and system investigation in the early stage of the project, design consultation of building external wall curtain wall, effect scheme of building facade, comparative description and selection of exterior wall decoration materials, cost budget and feasibility demonstration of relevant schemes The purpose is to successfully complete curtain wall works for owners, architects and contractors Our service content runs through the whole curtain wall project, including from the preliminary design stage to the curtain wall construction stage. Solve the technical, management and quality control problems of the project from planning, design, processing, site construction to project acceptance; provide solutions and consultation for repair and maintenance of completed projects. We have a consulting team of nearly 30 people and a service team of 500 people to ensure the quality and performance of the project. Our team includes senior curtain wall consultant, structural engineer and cost engineer. Professional optimization design and cost budget help owners and architects choose the most appropriate curtain wall materials, effectively control project cost, and ensure that the project quality meets the requirements of owners, architects and national regulations.

2. Engineering design
HM aluminum now has more than 100 design and development personnel, equipped with a professional architectural curtain wall design team. We have been practicing the concept of "cultivating a first-class design team", actively comply with the trend of the times, set up a BIM design team, and regularly participate in BIM model practical training, and actively apply BIM to building curtain wall design. Curtain wall scheme design can shorten the design cycle of building engineering, improve the overall efficiency and reduce the design cost. Our design services include: 1. Curtain wall scheme design can be divided into: (1) facade modeling scheme design; (2) curtain wall structure scheme design Curtain wall scheme is usually designed through the following links: --Form of curtain wall Building curtain wall materials are very rich, common curtain wall forms are glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall, stone curtain wall, etc., using different surface materials, can bring different sensory visual impact. --Color No matter what kind of surface material is used, there are many choices. One kind of natural stone has hundreds of colors and patterns. Artificial materials such as glass, metal plate, etc., can display more colorful colors. Different color systems create different architectural atmosphere. --Surface treatment Any kind of material can carry on the post-processing processing method is also very many, glass can be processed into a variety of processes such as colored glaze. All glass curtain wall has permeability. The stone surface can be processed into smooth surface and rough surface. The rough surface stone can be divided into axe cutting surface, lychee surface, longan face, water washing face, machine planed surface, etc. Metal panel can be wire drawing, mirror, perforation and other different techniques. At the same time, the metal surface can also be sprayed with powder and fluorocarbon. Through the subtle changes in surface treatment, to achieve the desired effect. --Modeling elements Different architectural styles will have some unique modeling elements as embellishment. Different styles need special elements to enrich in order to appear full and pure. The treatment of curtain wall decoration materials can become the finishing touch of the building. --Curtain wall structure Curtain wall structure is often a part of concealed works, rarely exposed, but there are also the following special curtain wall forms, which will bring different visual feelings to the facade. The opening form of curtain wall, column width and separation spacing are important factors affecting the facade. The enclosure feeling of double-layer curtain wall and the permeability of point type curtain wall can influence the appearance of the building, which is also the focus of consideration in the process of scheme design. Precautions for curtain wall scheme design: curtain wall scheme design, as the secondary design of building facade, needs to be consistent with the original building structure; it needs to be consistent with the overall design concept of the building; from the surface material to the structure, even to the selection of a screw and an embedded part, it needs to comply with the provisions of the specification to ensure the quality and safety of the project; The proportion of curtain wall project cost in the whole project cost needs to be strictly controlled; the proportion relationship, color matching and element application of buildings need to be considered; the style and shape of buildings need to be recognized by the public aesthetic.

3.R & D and production
HM aluminum serves more than 2000 customers worldwide. Our production slogan is: only you can't think of, without what we can't do. ---Since its establishment 16 years ago, it has been committed to providing customers with top-level production technology experience from conceptual design to mass production, leading the world. ---It has been committed to providing the whole process of aluminum products production and processing services, including welding, extrusion, rolling forming, CNC processing, stamping, punching, spraying and painting, wire drawing, anodizing, sheet metal stamping, sandblasting, die casting, etc ---More than 2000 square meters of raw materials warehouse, only high-quality aluminum raw materials ---Aluminum sheet metal line, spray production line, automatic CNC turret punch, CNC engraving machine, CNC bending machine, plate cutting machine and other production equipment. The spray gun adopts Japanese Lanshi high-voltage electrostatic spray gun, with uniform film thickness and good electrostatic effect; the oven adopts Japanese Eugene fuel device, which has uniform temperature control and ensures the color difference of aluminum plate. ---The annual production of aluminum veneer is 1 million square meters, and there are 200000 pieces of aluminum furniture and aluminum gifts ---The non-standard products are produced by open mold and customized to meet the needs of any industry customers for aluminum products.

4. Installation construction
HM aluminum has more than 20 professional aluminum curtain wall construction management teams and construction teams around the world to solve all problems in the process of metal curtain wall solutions for customers. Can undertake the design and installation of glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, profile doors and windows, glass partition, sunlight room, steel structure, lighting roof, automatic induction door, revolving door and other processing and installation projects.

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