Anti-scratch color coated aluminum sheet


The pencil hardness of ordinary color-coated aluminum plate coating is only HB, which can only meet ordinary decorative purposes. For projects with complicated follow-up processing techniques or easy contact with hard objects, the surface is likely to be scratched or scratched. Anti-scratch color-coated aluminum plate is cured by particle anti-scratch coating technology, which is more than 5 times stronger than ordinary color-coated aluminum plate, and can resist the scratch of sharper objects.

Anti-scratch color coated aluminum sheet Standard sizes:
Dimension of substrate: thickness 0.2-1.5mm Width 600-1850mm
Film thickness: single coating 4-20 microns double coating 25-28 microns 3 coating 35-38 microns
Color: Refer to the sample provided by our company, or customize any color according to customer needs


Anti-scratch color coated aluminum sheet Product advantages
1. Uniform distribution of scratch-resistant particles on the surface
2. The particles have a protruding three-dimensional effect and a soft touch
3. Surface hardness and scratch resistance are higher than similar products
4. Impact resistance and flexibility exceed national standards
5. color can be customized by requested

Anti-scratch color coated aluminum sheet Applications
It is widely used for interior wall decoration in public places such as airports, subways, shopping malls, and car bodies. It is also the preferred material for foamed rolling gates, rolling shutters, home appliances and other products.

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