Cold roof color-coated aluminum panels are made by adding the pigments in the original fluorocarbon (PVDF) coatings into flake-shaped ultra-fine infrared reflective powder pigments with high near-infrared region reflectivity. The pigments are the same in visible light. The color displayed is the same as the original fluorocarbon paint. The cold roof color-coated aluminum sheet has a better reflection of heat energy than ordinary color-coated aluminum sheet in the sun, so that the temperature of the aluminum sheet is slowed down, preventing heat from entering the interior, and has the function of heat insulation. .

JW Color coated aluminum sheet for cold roof Product Structure:


A: Heat reflective color coated aluminum plate
B: Thermal Insulation Lines
C: Sound Absorbing Lines
D: Lining Purlins
E: Structural Purlins
F: Moisture-Posistant vapor-Proof films
G: Punching sound-absorbing coil

Color coated aluminum sheet for cold roof Standard sizes:
Substrate size: thickness 0.2-1.5mm width 600-1850mm
Film thickness: single coating 4-20 microns double coating 25-28 microns 3 coating 35-38 microns
Color: Refer to the sample provided by our company, or customize any color according to customer needs

Color coated aluminum sheet for cold roof Product advantages
1. Excellent anti-corrosion, heat insulation and cooling functions
2. The coating has low thermal conductivity and high heat reflectivity
3. Good penetration resistance and strong adhesion to the substrate

Color coated aluminum sheet for cold roof Applications
Decorative panels used for aluminum-plastic composite panels and honeycomb panels can also be directly made into roof maintenance system materials. It is especially suitable for factories, houses, warehouses, vehicles, stadiums, etc. in low-latitude tropical areas, seaside, desert, and direct sunlight areas.

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